More Features

Inventory Management
Product Category and Brands

You can set if the product in this category is Serviceable or not.
You can also easily deactivate category or brand.

Pricing Category

You could manage multiple slabs of pricing such as Purchase Price, Dealer Price, Transfer Price, Sales Price, etc.
This would be useful for Sales and Quotation, when you need to assign a special price for a customer.


Manage pricing structure, images/ for quotations, related products, set if it needs Serial Numbers to manage inventory, etc.
It also has a rich text editor, which allows html description for your products.

Purchase Orders

Manage multiple purchase orders and also product returns back to the supplier.
Purchase Orders could be tracked with GRN or Goods Receipt Note.

Goods Receipts

Add product to inventory based on pending Purchase Orders.
Could set defective product, serial numbers or change price for the product.

Stock Adjustments

Product Inventory could be adjusted using stock adjustment.
Stock could be added or deducted from any of your branches.

Warehouse Transfer

Product could be transferred from one branch or location or warehouse to another.
This inventory is tracked by the system, when the transfers are made.

Enquiry Management
Manage Customers and Contacts

You could add and store unlimited leads, customers and contacts for each customer or company.
This system is also a mini CRM portal.


Handle enquiries from existing or new customers.
Easily manage what the enquiry was about and schedule follow-up on the spot

Schedule Follow-ups

Assign Sales or Marketing executives to any Enquiry.
The system will show which executive is free and would be suitable for the follow-up.
Could update the follow-ups from anywhere with an internet connection.

Pending Follow-ups

Administrator could see the list of pending follow-ups for which the status was not updated.
Additional follow-up for the enquiry could be set in the same screen, where the follow-up is closed.

Enhanced Security

Sales executives can only see their Scheduled follow-ups.
They cannot see customer records or other executive's schedules, unless permission given.

Complete History

You could view the complete history for any enquiry.
Follow-up Schedules, Follow-up remarks, Quotations, Stores Request could be tracked.

Change Enquiry Status

You could change the enquiry status to Lost or Wait.
If a Sale is made, it is automatically termed as Won.

Sales Management
Create Quotations from Enquiry

Easily create quotations in a matter of seconds from Enquiry itself.
Automatically assign related products and set Price from defined price structures.

Stores Request

Easily generate Stores Request from Approved Quotations.
Stores request could be raised for Customer Demo or for Sales itself.

Delivery Challan for Stores Request

Automatic Delivery Challans are created when Stores Request is created.
This could be used for your internal purposes.

Track Pending Stores Requests

The system will keep track of who requested for what product and for whom
Any product taken out should either be sold or should be returned back.
BudgetERP does that tracking for you, very easily.

Sales from Enquiry

Sales Bill could be created from Stores Request.
The details are pre-filled from the Enquiry, Quotation and Stores Request.
So you could generate the bill in seconds.

Direct Sales

Sales could also be created without any enquiry or quotation or stores request.
This would be useful for any counter sales or walk-in customer sales.

Value Additions and Profit Margins

Each Sale would show your Value Addition and Profit percentage for that sale.
If the sales profit goes below a certain percentage, the administrator would have to approve it.
You could also get report on which executive has brought more value addition per sale.

Quotations - Sales and Service Contracts
Multiple Quotations for single Enquiry

Any number of quotations could be generated for a single enquiry.
A new quotation could be created by just copying the existing one and making changes in it.

Customer Approval for Quotation

The system will allow customer to approve the quotation sent to him.
The quotation details are sent in email and the customer could click on Approve link to just approve it.

Quotations in PDF format

The quotations are created in PDF format and could be downloaded.
The PDF quotations could be created any time for any number of quotation.

Emailing Quotation

The quotation could be emailed to the customer contact, along with the PDF format as attachment.
The quotation could also be sent to an additional email apart from the customer contact.

Bypass Customer Approval

The administrator could bypass customer approval for a quotation.
This access is not available for normal executives or users.

Easily generate Requests or Contracts

You could create Stores Requests or Service Contracts in one single click.
These documents can be generated from Approved Quotations in a matter of seconds.

Service Contracts
Create Contracts directly from Sales

You could create Warranty or Field Support Contracts directly from Sales.
The sales information are prefilled and you have to manage the contract type and expiry information

Manage Different types of Contracts

You could easily manage Warranty, AMC, PMC, Per Call or Field Support type of contracts.
It could be further classified Spares or Labour is billable, replacement allowed or if regular follow-up is required.

Expiring or Expired Contracts

Can see the list of Expired or Expiring Contracts.
Could easily generate Quotation or renew the contract from that list.

Upcoming Maintenance Schedule

The system will show you a list of contracts for which Maintenance should be scheduled.
A follow-up could be easily scheduled from the pending schedule list.

Field Support Calls option

You could easily set number of client visit or calls you will make for each contract.
The field calls is much more easy to manage and useful than normal maintenance schedule.

Complaint Management
Create Complaints from Walk-in Customers

Complaints could be added from New Customers also.
All walk-in complaint could be set if it is billable or not.

Create Complaints from existing Customers

Complaint could be registered for existing customers.
The complaint would show if it is billable or non-billable based on the existing contract.

Billable or Non-Billable

When creating a complaint, you could find out if that complaint is billable or not.
It will also show when that contract is expiring. You could also see number of support calls available.

Move Product to In-house or to Supplier

The product could be moved from customer to In-house for servicing.
The product could also be marked to send to Supplier.
BudgetERP does the inventory tracking for you, very easily.

Manage Expenses for Follow-ups

You could keep track of additional expenses made for each service call.
These expenses could be finally added up to Service bill.

Service Estimations

Estimations for additional Spares or Services could be generated.
The PDF file and email could be sent to the customer, automatically.
Approved Estimations are then converted to Stores Request and appended to Service Bill.

Complaint Type for each Product Category

Each product category could have a list of predefined complaints remarks.
This would be useful for the executive who is handling complaints to select from a predefined list.

Scheduling Follow-up Calls
Multiple Executives per Schedule

You could assign more than one executive for a schedule.
Sometimes multiple executives are required for a Sales Demo or Service Call.
BudgetERP would easily allow you to manage that.

Know Free Time from Executive Calendar

You can check the availability of your executives from the Schedule Calendar.
This would be useful to fix a schedule only when the executive is free.

Assign Executives based on Zone and Category

The executives could be shown for a schedule,
based on their expertise in a particular product category or reachability in a zone.
This will prevent you from assigning executive who is not an expert in a particular category.

Follow-up Plan and Schedule

BudgetERP would help you in getting the future follow-up plan and schedule for any or all of your executives.
This would be useful in giving the week's plan or daily plan to each executive, before they start their work.

Easy Follow-up Closing and Re-Scheduling

You or the executive to whom a follow-up is assigned, could easily close a follow-up from anywhere.
And the same page will have option to reschedule another follow-up for the same enquiry or service.

Location wise and Executive wise Follow-up: Additional Security

Except for the administrator, all the users can only see the follow-ups assigned to them.
And managers in each location or branch could see only the leads and follow-ups in their branch and not in other branches.
This additional security is for your peace of mind.

Extensive Reports
Executive Performance and Daily Activity Report

BudgetERP would show you how much value an executive brings to your business.
The Executive Performance and Daily Activity Report, would show you how valuable and productive your executives are.

Current Stock and Pricing

You could easily take a stock report based on Category and Location.
You could also see how many defective products you have in your inventory.

Follow-up and Schedule Reports

BudgetERP would help you get a clear report on follow-up for each executive.
You could get a list of Pending Follow-ups and Closed or Completed Follow-up reports.

Dynamic Animated Charts

You could see animated charts for executive value addition for each location within a date range.
The animated charts could be created for any other reports too.

List of Records for all types of Transaction

Apart from these reports, you have access to view list of all types of Transactions
like Enquiries, Follow-ups, Quotations, Stores Request, Sales, Purchase Orders, GRNs, Contracts, Complaints, etc.
And each of the list page has its own filter search, to easily search and identify the transaction.

Non-Invoiced Materials Report

A report to track materials taken from stores for demo or sales or service.
Search by location and executive could help manager/admin extensively to track materials.

Personalized Customization
Personalized Logo, Banner, Header and Footer

You can use your company logo and address information in all the PDF and emails that you send.
You can also change the header text and footer images/ in the generated PDFs for Quotations, Contracts, etc.
The system also provides you with the option to change your portal's banner, also.

Customized Email texts

You can change the email text or message that is being sent.
BudgetERP provides you with email message templates, that could be changed to suit your business profile.

Customized Business texts

The terms and conditions content inside your contracts and quotations could be changed by you.
This is different from the email message customization. Each document would have its own set of message.
You could change the Payment Terms, Delivery Terms, Contract Terms, Validity Periods, etc

Customized PDF templates on additional cost

Further more, your PDF document could be made even more personal at an additional cost.
If you want your PDF to look different and the design to be different from what the system gives you,
our team of programmers could design the PDF templates for your business needs.

Full Control over System Data

You can change Tax information, Product Pricing slabs, Contract Types, Service Intervals and much more.
You also have full control over standard complaint remarks, Follow-up Status, etc.
With these controls you can personalize and customize the BudgetERP application to suit your business needs.

Customize what your Employees can access

You can provide individual access control for each employee you have in your organization.
There is a broader control by Role. But if you want to fine tune that role access into individual access, you could do it.
For example, you can set that your executives can only see their Schedule and close it but cannot make any new schedule.